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Youth Sports in Frisco

Youth Sports in Frisco

It’s time for the kids.

The Brent Germany Team is often asked by people looking to buy a home in Frisco, TX or investigating Frisco real estate options about sports and recreational opportunities in and around town, not for mom and dad but for the kids.

And if there is one thing Frisco loves — heck, the whole North Texas area — it’s sports . . . the professional teams, leagues and fitness for mom and dad, and youth sports for the kiddos.

As you’d imagine, there’s pretty much every youth sport played in Frisco — from the majors like football, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and hockey to the minors like swimming, wrestling, volleyball and martial arts.

In this post we help parents looking to buy a new house in Frisco or are contemplating real estate in Frisco with a basic understanding of the youth sports scene in town.


The local schools, of course, offer a full range of boys and girls sports. The focus of this post, however, is on what else is out there for the kids to join. Frisco, you see, is home to some of the best youth  sports facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which attracts not only residents but families throughout the Metroplex.

Here’s one other thing to know about youth sports in North Texas:

Athletics are so incredibly competitive for kids in the area that if Bobby or Susie have aspirations to move from the youth ranks into high school athletics and beyond, they pretty much have to play year around in summer leagues, on select teams, and (often) with additional coaching and instruction.

There is plenty...

Recreational Athletics in Frisco

Recreational Athletics in Frisco

As amazing access as Frisco, TX residents have to professional sports in the Dallas area, they also have tremendous pickings for adult recreational and kids sports in town, which is of interest to those looking to buy a new home in Frisco or simply investigating Frisco real estate opportunities.

The Brent Germany Team is often asked about adult recreational and kids sports opportunities in Frisco — residents sure do love their games — so we’ve assembled a list of what’s out there for weekend warriors and their baseball-playing, soccer-playing, swimming, Tae Kwon Do-kicking kids.

This post focuses on the adults.

Adult Athletic Leagues

These are available through the Frisco parks and recreation department. There are other league opportunities available through clubs or membership businesses.


Softball leagues are offered three times a year — spring (late February to mid-May), summer (late May to mid-June), and fall (late August to early November.

The whole North Texas area is full of softball-playing fanatics and every bedroom community has softball fields and leagues. Some even boast huge softball/youth baseball complexes.

Flag Football

Flag football, that sport you used to play in grade school, is offered in the spring (late February to mid-May) and fall (late August to early November.


Not to be confused with dodgeball, kickball is another sport you may have played in grade school. It even shows up as a recreational sport played at companies in the DFW area because it involves men and women playing the same game. Kickball is offered in the spring (late February to mid-May),...

Professional Sports in Frisco

Professional Sports in Frisco

If you are a sports fan or weekend warrior looking to buy a new home in Frisco, TX or just investigating Frisco’s real estate options, get out that No. 1 foam finger and softball mitt.

There are so many sports to attend and play year ‘round that the new lawn will never get mowed — at least by you. To help newcomers to the area, The Brent Germany Team has put together a few lists of sports to attend as a fan, to play as a weekend warrior, or to get the kids involved.

We’ll start with the professional teams and their ties to Frisco.

Professional Teams (Part 1)

One thing that’s a super sell for sports fans who are looking to purchase a new home in Frisco or who are contemplating Frisco real estate is the plethora of professional sports in North Texas.

Professional football and baseball are about 30 minute drives from Frisco to Arlington to the west and south, depending on time of day and traffic.

Professional basketball and hockey also are about 30 minute drives from Frisco to downtown Dallas to the south, again depending on time of day and traffic. What big city and its bedroom communities don’t have traffic?

Professional soccer is the most accessible sport to Frisco residents as the team plays its home games in the city.

Here’s the rundown:

The Dallas Cowboys

Widely recognized as America’s Team, the Cowboys are as storied of a franchise as any in American sports. Dallas, 5-3 in Super Bowl appearances, now plays in a billion-dollar spaceship of a stadium in Arlington, but that’s not all (read on).


Restaurants in Frisco

Restaurants in Frisco

Another question I am asked by people looking to buy a new home in Frisco, TX or simply investigating the myriad of real estate options in Frisco is: “How are the restaurants in the area?”

Um, fantastic. But not in the way you might expect.

First, a little perspective. For those of us who have lived and worked in the Frisco (and Dallas) area for a long time, every few years there will be a report that exclaims (!) Dallas and the Dallas area has more restaurants per capita than any place in the U.S.

I decided to see if that’s true and, well, I have no idea. There’s a lot of information on the internet but it doesn’t make sense to me — a real estate guy, not a restauranteur.

This is what I did find: Dallas and surrounding communities have the fourth largest number of restaurants in the entire country behind New York/New Jersey (an astounding 46,000+), Chicago (30,000 +/-), and Los Angeles (20,000 +/-). Depending on the year and the health of the economy, the Dallas area boasts upwards of 14,000 restaurants — or, as one local news outlet put it, one restaurant for every 508 people.

To people wanting to buy a new home in Frisco, TX or considering Frisco real estate options, this is what’s interesting: Much of Dallas’ growth in the dining industry is actually attributed to real estate. When we see a trend in real estate like the rise of mixed-use developments, there is a corresponding uptick in restaurants to serve those developments, which includes commercial, retail, residential, and entertainment.

Frisco is the perfect example. So if you’re looking for a new home in Frisco or checking...

Will Increasing Mortgage Rates Impact Home Prices?

Increasing Mortgage RatesThere are some who are calling for a decrease in home prices should mortgage interest rates begin to rise rapidly. Intuitively, this makes sense as the cost of a home is determined by the price of the home, plus the cost of financing that home. If mortgage interest rates increase, fewer people will be able to buy, and logic says prices will fall if demand decreases.

However, history shows us that this has not been the case the last four times mortgage interest rates dramatically increased.

Here is a graph showing what actually happened:

Dramatic Mortgage Rate Increases

Last week, in an article titled “Higher Rates Don’t Mean Lower House Prices After All, the Wall Street Journal revealed that a recent study by John Burns Real Estate Consulting Inc. found that:

“[P]rices weren’t especially sensitive to rising rates, particularly in the presence of other positive economic factors, such as strong job growth, rising wages and improving consumer confidence.”

Last week’s jobs report was strong and the Conference Board just reported that the Consumer Confidence Index was back to pre-recession levels.

Bottom Line

We will have to wait and see what happens as we move forward, but a decrease in home prices should rates go up is anything but guaranteed.


Dallas Real Estate is not easy on buyers

Dallas Real Estate is not easy on buyers

Our buyers, Adam and Lindsey Radford, have been diligently looking for a home for the past few months with one of our buyer experts, Tanya Rutledge.  They have put in offer after offer going well above list price and just coming up empty.  The Dallas Morning News wrote an article about their struggle, and you can read more about it by clicking the link below:

See city-by-city home sale numbers, as DFW buyers find busy spring market

It is a tough market for buyers, and you need two things on your side: a Realtor who won't give up, and a Realtor who knows how to write offers that are attractive to sellers.  Tanya Rutledge is that agent, and she would love to help you with all of your real estate needs.  So, if you are looking for the latest Plano real estate for sale or any other areas,  You can read more about Tanya and how to contact her below: