Homes for Sale Frisco, TX - 15246 Palo Pinto Dr Frisco, TX 75035

Homes for Sale Frisco, TX - 15246 Palo Pinto Dr  Frisco, TX 75035

Homes for Sale Frisco, TX

15246 Palo Pinto Dr 
Frisco, TX 75035

Frisco, TX offers an upscale suburban lifestyle just outside of Dallas for those who want to find homes for sale in Frisco, TX. Frisco offers the conveniences you would expect in an affluent area, including being among the best neighborhoods to live in, a community with a passion for art, possessing an incredible sports venue, and a superior school system considered “exemplary”. Search our Frisco real estate listings for homes for sale in Frisco, TX. Our site makes it easy to obtain information on home size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property price and other details of the listing. You can search for houses, condos, land and multiple resident housing by price and location. With advanced features you can establish minimum parameters, school district, lot size, year built, lot description and more. These features will assist you to reduce the time required to locate homes for sale in Frisco, TX. A  Brent Germany Team Realtor helps you to find the newest Frisco real estate listings.

A large number of new residents move to Frisco due to employment opportunities. A few of the major employers in DFW and the surrounding areas include the following:


  1. AMR Corporation (American Airlines)
  2. Bank of America Corp.
  3. Texas Health Resources
  4. Dallas ISD
  5. Baylor Health Care System
  6. AT & T
  7. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.
  8. JP Morgan Chase and Co.
  9. UT-Southwestern Medical Center
  10. Exxon Mobile
  11. General Motors
  12. Frisco ISD
  13. T-Mobile
  14. Frito-Lay
  15. Pepsi Bottling
  16. Electronic Data System (EDS)
  17. IKEA
  18. NBC and numerous others

Frisco, Texas is one of home buyer’s top choices to buy a home in metroplex DFW, due to the spacious floor plans, home features, energy efficient building standards, master-planned communities, and value for their money. If you are moving to the area, and would like to locate homes for sale in Frisco, TX give us a call.

Ensuring you have an experienced real estate agent not only assist you to find homes for sale in Frisco, TX, they are especially an asset when problems arise before closing. Selecting the best real estate agent helps to minimize the occurrence to prevent things from going wrong. In addition, a good real estate agent will know how to deal with problems that can occur and to offers assistance and guidance for a solution. Problems during closing can range from a simple misspelled name on a form to the loss of the home due to natural occurrences. Some common issues include:

Errors in the documentation are common during closing. It often involves a misspelled name, incorrect address, missing pages or an incorrect loan amount. A delay may take anywhere from a few hours to several days to correct.

The key in preventing delays is to ask to see each piece of paperwork as far in advance of the closing as possible. Especially pay attention to the loan documents and check for errors in names, other personal information, amounts, down payment information and interest. Read each word carefully, and if errors are found contact the loan department immediately for correction in order to keep the closing on schedule.

Ensure an expedited delivery of documents going to the closing agent, and keep in touch until delivery is verified. Contact your agent the morning of the closing, or the day before for early closings to verify they have all of the required paperwork.

It's best not to make any purchases with credit or your savings account until after the closing. Lenders may reject your loan if the debt-to-income ratio has tightened. Otherwise, you're at risk of losing money you have already invested in your new home such as the cost of inspections, earnest money, due diligence fees, appraisal costs, Title search and etc...

>It's essential to provide a final walk through of your prospective home a day or two before closing. Check for damage that may have occurred since your last visit due to plumbing leaks, missing fixtures or other features you understood were included.

If this occurs, your agent should work with the seller’s agent to resolve the problems. The next step is determining the cost of the issue and negotiating with the seller to pay for it. One option is negotiating a credit on your closing costs, meaning the seller pays more at the closing. Another option is placing the appropriate amount of the seller’s proceeds in escrow until the problems are resolved. Don't wait until closing to bring up any problems, ensure they are resolved in advance of the scheduled closing, otherwise it will have to be postponed.

Delays with the bank or mortgage company can leave you short on money. Bring an alternate form of payment, such as a certified check to the closing, or transfer closing costs early to the closing agent to avoid a last minute embarrassment.

A real deal killer from a lender arises if the home can't be insured for homeowner's insurance. Depending on the situation, the seller may be willing to correct the problems in order for the home to be insurable. Otherwise, it's back to the search of homes for sale in Frisco, TX.

This is a reason to schedule an inspection early in the process, as a number of lenders require the home to pass inspection for approved financing. If you plan on buying a home requiring repair and updating, it's wise to talk to your lender in advance of your search to locate homes for sale in Frisco, TX.

Finding the right home is a time consuming process, and once you decide on a home, the financial and legal aspect of the purchase are the next step in home ownership. The process required to find homes for sale in Frisco, TX that meet your needs can be simplified with our search tools by narrowing the properties that match your home or property requirements. When you locate homes for sale in Frisco, TX that interest you, or to receive our assistance, contact a Brent Germany Team Realtor to schedule a showing, at 214-926-3308, and let our expertise work for you.

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