Homes for Sale in McKinney, TX - 2404 Barranca Way McKinney, TX 75069

Homes for Sale in McKinney, TX - 2404 Barranca Way McKinney, TX 75069

Homes for Sale in McKinney, TX

2404 Barranca Way

McKinney, TX 75069

When looking at homes for sale in McKinney, TX or evaluating McKinney real estate, there are, obviously, thousands of things to consider. Let’s look at specifics for 2404 Barranca Way, a part of the The Greens of McKinney subdivision.

The subdivision name — The Greens of McKinney — says it all for 2404 Barranca Way. Even though 2404 Barranca Way is located just east of U.S. 75 (known here as South Central Expressway) and Texas 121, the subdivision is small and the lots large.

What also characterizes 2403 Barranca Way is the fun that’s nearby, including:

Winding through the area is Wilson Creek and Jeans Creek.

Just to the north is the Towne Lake Recreation Area, a 108-acre park that is across from McKinney High School. Towne Lake certainly will be of interest to those looking for homes for sale in McKinney or are looking into McKinney real estate.

Town Lake features two picnic shelters with electrical outlets, two sand volleyball courts, nine horseshoe pitches, two barrier-free play structures, a fishing pier, paddle boats and dock, a 1.2 mile hike and bike trail. Oh, yeah, there’s a 22-acre lake with two fountains and an 18-hole disk golf course.

Next to Towne Lake is the Wilson Creek Softball and Baseball Complex, which features six fields, bullpens, dugouts, restrooms, screens, and is open year-round.

Also nearby (slightly northwest of U.S. 75( is the Al Ruschhaupt Soccer Complex — and youth soccer is a big deal in North Texas. Parents looking for houses for sale in McKinney and investigating McKinney real estate with kids who play soccer are often surprised to find a 96-acres complex with five lit regulation-size soccer fields and fields for lacrosse, cricket and football. The complex also features a hike and bike trail, concession stands, restrooms, picnic shelters, a spa (water) pad to keep the little kids amused, an amphitheater, and wheelchair accessibility.

If one doesn’t mind traveling to the southeast a few miles, the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular destination. Founded in 1967, the Heard consists of a 289 acre wildlife sanctuary and natural science museum to bring nature and people together.

To the west of 2404 Barranca Way (the other side of U.S. 75) is the Eldorado Country Club, which features a luscious, sprawling 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness club, and dining.

There is, of course, the usual retail stores, home improvement centers, and restaurants in the immediate area but two are worth noting because they’re not immediately found throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex: Trader Joe’s and Belk.

Lastly, to the east, a straight shot on Texas 546, is the McKinney National Airport (TKI), a full-service, general aviation resource that caters to business and personal aviation in North Texas.

Not bad for a “town” of 161,000 people. 

To provide context and perspective for those looking at homes in McKinney, TX and McKinney’s real estate options, here are a few facts and figures about the city and region:

McKinney Facts and Figures

McKinney was named the #1 Best Places to Live in America by Money Magazine in 2014 for cities with populations between 50,000 and 300,000. Money editors and writers examine data about employment, schools, crime and safety, houses for sale in McKinney and real estate diversity, and overall quality of life when determining the rankings.

McKinney ranked No. 14, then No. 5, and No. 2 in the every-other-year rankings before assuming the No. 1 position, so McKinney’s growth has certainly taken off in the past decade and has caught the interest of people outside the area looking for new homes in McKinney.

As far as homes for sale in McKinney and McKinney’s overall real estate picture, the city ranked in the Best Cities for Homeownership in 2014, according to NerdWallet.

Weather Facts

The average temperature is: 65.7 degrees F.

The annual average high temperature is: 96 degrees.

The annual average low temperature is: 33 degrees.

The annual average precipitation is 33.2 inches.

The annual average snowfall is 2.7 inches.

Health Facts

Total hospital beds in McKinney: 403.

Total medical doctors in McKinney: 1,320.

Hospitals: Baylor Medical Center at McKinney, Medical Center of McKinney, Methodist McKinney Hospital.

Recreation Facts

Parks: 42

Area Lakes: 1

Country Clubs: 3

Health Centers: 3

Public Golf Courses: 3

(Non-movie) Theaters: 1

Tennis Courts: 13

Bed & Breakfasts: 4

Hotel & Motel Rooms: 1,086

Libraries: 3

Education Facts

Elementary Schools: 20 (11,544 enrollment)

Middle/Jr. High School: 5 (5,738)

High School: 3 (7,414)

Alternative Schools: 3 (73)

Private Schools: 4 (1,207)

Collin College: 52,000

Vocational Programs and State Industrial Job Training available.

So when looking at homes for sale in McKinney or evaluating McKinney real estate, prospective homebuyers should realize that all this “greenery” and recreational “things to do” is by design, a part of the city’s “Unique by Nature” focus.

Unique by Nature in McKinney

While McKinney is just 30 miles north of Dallas, further than Plano, Allen, and Frisco, the city is more picturesque and just beyond the metropolitan sprawl that has overtaken Plano, Allen, and Frisco like kudzu.

In fact, McKinney rebranded itself with the motto “Unique by Nature” to address McKinney’s natural assets — the rolling hills, parks, streams, and lakes are much more abundant than in places like Plano, Allen, and Frisco.

Figuring into that uniqueness — and of interest to people looking at homes for sale and real estate in McKinney — is the city’s housing diversity — from Victorian homes, to “starter” homes, and “Texas-style five bedrooms.”

“Unique by Nature” also refers to McKinney’s cultural diversity, beginning with farming and cotton and textile production to today’s most modern of industries — technology and medical.

Nearly every “bedroom community” in the Dallas-Fort Worth area makes similar claims of being “true Texas” in today’s modern day Texas landscape, but few communities can back up such claims like McKinney with its natural assets and lineage to the Texas Declaration of Independence.

So, when considering a home such as 2404 Barranca Way — being so close to a recreational lake, a softball and baseball complex, a soccer-field complex, a country club and a nature preserve — “Unique by Nature” truly comes into play.

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