Homes for Sale in McKinney, TX - 421 Twin Knoll Dr. McKinney, TX 75071

Homes for Sale in McKinney, TX - 421 Twin Knoll Dr. McKinney, TX 75071

Homes for Sale in McKinney, TX

421 Twin Knoll Dr.

McKinney, TX 75071

When looking at homes for sale in McKinney, TX or when evaluating McKinney real estate, there are, obviously, thousands of things to consider. Let’s look at specifics for 421 Twin Knoll Dr., part of the Trinity Heights subdivision.

421 Twin Knoll Dr. is located just east of U.S. 75 (North Central Expressway), a major north-south thoroughfare from downtown Dallas.

One thing attractive about homes in McKinney, TX is that they’re in a great location — just out of reach from the congestion and hustle and bustle of the nation’s ninth largest city and third biggest in Texas. The 13-county Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex boasts nearly 7 million people, making it the seventh largest metro area in the country (source).

And yet, there is McKinney, on the northeast edge, still close enough to Dallas and a freeway ride away from Arlington (home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers), the DFW Airport, and Fort Worth itself. Being on the “outskirts,” people looking for houses for sale in McKinney will notice something many of the other communities don’t have:

Space. Nature. Greenery. A slightly less chaotic lifestyle. This is what defines 421 Twin Knoll Dr.

A few specifics:

Just down N. McDonald Street to the south is the Oak Hollow Golf Course and North Park, one of the 48 parks and sports complexes that makes McKinney “Unique by Nature” (more on this below). North Park itself is 15 acres with a playground, two lighted softball/baseball fields, and home to the Juanita Maxfield Aquatic Center.

The Maxfield Aquatic Center features an outdoor seasonal pool, floating amenities, diving board, swim lessons, pubic swim, family swim, and deep water exercise classes. Maxfield. Not all the houses for sale in McKinney have built-in swimming pools, so living down the road from an aquatic center in the hot Texas summer is the next best thing — maybe even better when once considers not having to maintain the pool.

Another park that’s close to 421 Twin Knoll Dr. is Erwin Park, home to one of the best mountain bike trails in North Texas and a favorite of the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association. Erwin Park is 212 acres of rolling hills, open spaces, greenery, and a few wicked drops for those interesting in mountain bikes. It includes seven miles of bike trails, three picnic pavilions, restrooms, campfire sites, and playgrounds. And one never knows when an emu will jog by. Seriously.

Naomi Press Elementary School is just to the northwest of 421 Twin Knoll Dr., near yet another park — Inspiration Park. Johnson is the middle school and McKinney North the high school. Together, Press, Johnson, and McKinney North are part of the McKinney Independent School District that has 26 of 27 campuses ranked “exemplary” or recognized by the Texas Education Agency.

421 Twin Knoll Dr. isn’t far from many governmental buildings and operations, including the Texas Department of Driver License (never a fun place to go not so bad when close by), the Collin County Sheriff’s Department, the 30th District Court, the Collin County Tax Assessor-Collector office (where one can conveniently renew car tags in person), and the North Texas Job Corps.

Another nearby place of interest — for those looking for homes for sale in McKinney who happen to enjoy a craft beer — is the Franconia Brewing Company, specializing in true Bavarian brew.

Back to “Unique by Nature”

What does this motto “Unique by Nature” mean? Why should it matter to anybody looking for homes for sale in McKinney or evaluating real estate in McKinney?

To set the stage, a few facts about McKinney itself:

McKinney was named the #1 Best Places to Live in America by Money Magazine in 2014 for cities with populations between 50,000 and 300,000. Money editors and writers examine data about employment, schools, crime and safety, houses for sale in McKinney and real estate diversity, and overall quality of life when determining the rankings.

McKinney ranked No. 14, then No. 5, and No. 2 in the every-other-year rankings before assuming the No. 1 position, so McKinney’s growth has certainly taken off in the past decades and has caught interest of people outside the area looking for new homes in McKinney.

As far as homes for sale in McKinney and McKinney real estate, the city ranked in the Best Cities for Homeownership in 2014 according to NerdWallet.

Weather Facts

The average temperature is: 65.7 degrees F.

The annual average high temperature is: 96 degrees.

The annual average low temperature is: 33 degrees.

The annual average precipitation is 33.2 inches.

The annual average snowfall is 2.7 inches.

Health Facts

Total hospital beds in McKinney: 403.

Total medical doctors in McKinney: 1,320.

Hospitals: Baylor Medical Center at McKinney, Medical Center of McKinney, Methodist McKinney Hospital.

Recreation Facts

Parks: 42

Area Lakes: 1

Country Clubs: 3

Health Centers: 3

Public Golf Courses: 3

(Non-movie) Theaters: 1

Tennis Courts: 13

Bed & Breakfasts: 4

Hotel & Motel Rooms: 1,086

Libraries: 3

Education Facts

Elementary Schools: 20 (11,544 enrollment)

Middle/Jr. High School: 5 (5,738)

High School: 3 (7,414)

Alternative Schools: 3 (73)

Private Schools: 4 (1,207)

Collin College: 52,000

Vocational Programs and State Industrial Job Training available.

Now, “Unique by Nature.”

Unique by Nature Separates McKinney

While McKinney is just 30 miles north of Dallas, further than Plano, Allen, and Frisco, the city is more picturesque and just beyond the metropolitan sprawl that has overtaken Plano, Allen, and Frisco like kudzu.

In fact, McKinney rebranded itself with the motto “Unique by Nature” to address McKinney’s natural assets — the rolling hills, parks, streams, and lakes are much more abundant than in places like Plano, Allen, and Frisco.

Figuring into that uniqueness — and of interest to people looking at homes for sale and real estate in McKinney — is the city’s housing diversity — from Victorian homes, to “starter” homes, and “Texas-style five bedrooms.”

“Unique by Nature” also refers to McKinney’s cultural diversity, beginning with farming and cotton and textile production to today’s most modern of industries — technology and medical.

Nearly every “bedroom community” in the Dallas-Fort Worth area makes similar claims of being “true Texas” in today’s modern day Texas landscape, but few communities can back up such claims like McKinney with its natural assets and lineage to the Texas Declaration of Independence.

So, when considering a home such as 421 Twin Knoll Dr. — being so close to a country club and two outdoor havens like North Park and Erwin Park — “Unique by Nature” truly comes into play for those looking at homes for sale in McKinney and evaluating McKinney real estate options.


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