Homes for Sale in McKinney, TX - 6400 LaSalle Ln. McKinney, TX 75070

Homes for Sale in McKinney, TX - 6400 LaSalle Ln. McKinney, TX 75070

Homes for Sale in McKinney, TX

6400 LaSalle Ln.

McKinney, TX 75070

When looking at homes for sale in McKinney, TX or evaluating McKinney real estate, there are, obviously, thousands of things to consider. Let’s look at specifics for 6400 LaSalle Ln., a part of the Live Oak Village.

6400 LaSalle Ln. is in the heart of McKinney and, by being so close to W. Eldorado Parkway (a major east-west thoroughfare through the city), the residence is not only close to some of the “big things” McKinney has to offer like Stonebridge Ranch Country Club but also the “everyday” parks, schools, and businesses that people looking for houses for sale in McKinney or investigating McKinney real estate are interested in.

Here’s a brief “walk around” the immediate area for 6400 LaSalle Ln., including:

Serenity Park, a 16.7-acre neighborhood park that has one first-come-first-serve picnic shelter, a barrier-free play structure, hike and bike trail, two baseball/softball backstops, a pond with a fishing pier, and open space for soccer or football practice.

The park is also next to Wolford Elementary and Evans Middle Schools, although 6400 LaSalle Ln. is served by Dowell Middle School. The high school is McKinney. Nonetheless, Wolford, Evans, Dowell, and McKinney are all part of the McKinney Independent School District that has 26 of 27 campuses ranked “exemplary” or recognized by the Texas Education Agency.

Other schools of interest in the area, which may be of interest to people looking at homes for sale in McKinney or looking into McKinney real estate are Merryhill Preschool and Wonderland Montessori Academy. Merryhill has been a part of the local community since 2008 and is fully accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). Wonderland includes AMI/AMS (Association Montessori International/American Montessori Society) certified teachers.

Further south are a couple of similar schools: The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development and a second montessori — Heartland Academy.

Once school is done for the day, Texas Best Gymnastics is close by for those extra curricular activities, including gymnastics, tumbling, preschool and after school programs.

Just across Eldorado Parkway is the Tom Allen Jr. Park, McKinney City-Gabe Nesbitt, McKinney Skate Park, McKinney Tennis Center, the John and Judy Gay Public Library, all contained in the Gabe Nesbitt Community Park.

Always convenient to have nearby is Market Street, a specialty grocery store, and a neighborhood Irish pub, in this case DeLaney’s.

To give people looking at homes for sale in McKinney or evaluating McKinney luxury real estate, here’s some context and perspective about the area and things to do in McKinney:

McKinney Facts

McKinney was named the #1 Best Places to Live in America by Money Magazine in 2014 for cities with populations between 50,000 and 300,000. Money editors and writers examine data about employment, schools, crime and safety, houses for sale in McKinney and real estate diversity, and overall quality of life when determining the rankings.

McKinney ranked No. 14, then No. 5, and No. 2 in the every-other-year rankings before assuming the No. 1 position, so McKinney’s growth has certainly taken off in the past decade and has caught the interest of people outside the area looking for new homes in McKinney.

As far as homes for sale in McKinney and McKinney’s overall real estate picture, the city ranked in the Best Cities for Homeownership in 2014, according to NerdWallet.

McKinney’s Population Growth

Residents don’t often realize that there are more than 7 million people living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, which includes McKinney’s 161,000 (2016 estimate), making it the largest metroplex in the south and the seventh biggest in the U.S.

McKinney’s growth has exploded over the past 20 years.

1990 census: total population was 21,283 (15,302 18 years old and above)

2000 census: total population was 54,369 (37,542 18 years old and above)

2010 census: total population was 131,117 (89,211 18 years old and above)

Population estimate as of January 1, 2016 is 161,905.

Weather Facts

The average temperature is: 65.7 degrees F.

The annual average high temperature is: 96 degrees.

The annual average low temperature is: 33 degrees.

The annual average precipitation is 33.2 inches.

The annual average snowfall is 2.7 inches.

Health Facts

Total hospital beds in McKinney: 403.

Total medical doctors in McKinney: 1,320.

Hospitals: Baylor Medical Center at McKinney, Medical Center of McKinney, Methodist McKinney Hospital.

Recreation Facts

Parks: 42

Area Lakes: 1

Country Clubs: 3

Health Centers: 3

Public Golf Courses: 3

(Non-movie) Theaters: 1

Tennis Courts: 13

Bed & Breakfasts: 4

Hotel & Motel Rooms: 1,086

Libraries: 3

Education Facts

Elementary Schools: 20 (11,544 enrollment)

Middle/Jr. High School: 5 (5,738)

High School: 3 (7,414)

Alternative Schools: 3 (73)

Private Schools: 4 (1,207)

Collin College: 52,000

Vocational Programs and State Industrial Job Training available.

McKinney’s History

The area now called Collin County was settled by pioneers offered free land by colonizers like William S. Peters, who was hired by the state of Texas to introduce settlers into the area.

Collin County was named for Collin McKinney who was a pioneer and land surveyor who helped draft and signed the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico in 1836.

Once the Houston and Texas Central Railroad was built in 1872, commerce moved in and out of McKinney to grow the city, including cotton (The Texas Cotton Mill Company was a major manufacturer of denim, the fabric of choice by many Texans). Other crops included corn, wheat, and oats.

The original Collin County Courthouse is now the centerpiece in the development of the Downtown McKinney Commercial Historic District and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. It now is known as the McKinney Performing Arts Center at the Historic Collin County Courthouse.


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