New Homes in Frisco, TX - 5304 Seashore Ln, Frisco, TX 75034

New Homes in Frisco, TX  - 5304 Seashore Ln, Frisco, TX 75034

Homes for Sale in Frisco, TX

5304 Seashore Ln?
Frisco, TX 75034

Subdivision: The Shores at Hidden Cove

Meticulously maintained very cute home in a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood. A quick easy walk to community pool, Hidden Cove Park and Lake Lewisville. Durable wood-like laminate flooring recently installed in living area and looks great! Master bedroom is separated from 2 guest bedrooms. Kitchen is wide open to dining and living room and includes granite top island with breakfast bar. Everything is in great shape and ready for a new owner.

Why Buy a New Home?

Situated just 20 minutes North of Dallas, Frisco offers the close community of a small town and a short commute accessibility to a metropolis with a wide variety of activities and entertainment close to home. Whether shopping for existing Frisco, TX homes for sale or planning to select from new homes in Frisco, TX, the Brent Germany Team can assist you to fulfill your dreams of owning a home.

Sports and athletics have a large presence in Frisco, TX, with something for almost everyone. Whether your child is a budding baseball, football, soccer, softball, a member of a swim team or into other sports, you will find the activities needed for your budding star player, and the facilities required improving their game to perfection. Golf is also a favorite in Frisco with several courses to choose from. Art, music and the performing arts and numerous other fields are a part of the Frisco community, and extracurricular activities in both athletics and learning await your little ones in Frisco. Whether you are shopping for existing homes or new homes in Frisco, TX, our experienced team offers the assistance you need to ensure the amenities of the home or community that you desire.

There are a number of reasons for preferring a preowned home, even when it needs repair and/or remodeling. For example, you may have your heart set on a specific neighborhood where newly-constructed houses are rarely available or not available at all. Or you may enjoy the opportunity to transform an older home into something special. There are also buyers who simply prefer an existing home in an established neighborhood. However, there are advantages in buying a new home. The following are a brief overview of a few of the major reasons to consider new homes in Frisco, TX:

Purchasing from new homes in Frisco, TX enables you to personalize your home with your own choices in design and materials. In addition, you can select the number of bedrooms, luxury bathrooms, a home office, your dream kitchen, theater rooms and additional amenities. While you can remodel an older home, consider that the cost of the average kitchen remodel is $20,000 to $40,000. The costs can be higher if for luxury and specialty materials. In addition, you are often limited on room to grow when you need a larger kitchen or bathroom. A new home can incorporate the design and structure you choose. On the other hand, when you purchase an existing home, you are often stuck with the existing space and no room to expand.

Outdoor landscaping can be designed at any time, and plants are a flexible feature. However, hardscaping and other structures may be costly to replace depending on the size of the project. Replacing a gazebo will have the added cost of deconstructing and hauling the materials away. When built for new homes in Frisco, TX, you won't have the added costs. These are factors to consider with existing homes for sale.

Building a new home allows you to select the latest styles, features and technology. For example, home lighting control, the latest home theater features, the latest energy efficiency technology, water conserving plumbing and other options are easier to install in new home builds. Energy efficiency is a primary reason a number buyer's choose to begin with a new home. Home's that will meet today's stricter energy certifications typically offer far higher efficiency than existing homes.

Energy efficiency saves money over time, and today's standards are consistently higher. Consequently, it is often less costly to incorporate the highest standards into new builds, than to retrofit an existing home to the best possible standards. For example, a home with a 2x6 frame construction can be insulated with a higher insulating factor, than an older home with 2 x 4 walls. Furthermore, new homes have a higher standard of air filtration to compensate for the tighter construction that can adversely affect air quality. Considering poor air quality can affect your health, it is a factor to incorporate, whether in an existing or new home.

While new construction provides the opportunity to select enhanced insulation techniques, ensures tight construction, it will also ensure properly sized and energy efficient heating and cooling systems, ENERGY STAR insulated windows, appliances, and water saving plumbing fixtures with first quality materials for plumbing with a long lifespan. 

Purchasing a new home ensures materials with low VOC (volatile organic compounds), quality materials, and superior craftsmanship. In addition, a new home comes with a warranty and peace of mind.

A new home provides the latest in design and building materials for years of service without worry. An older, existing home requires routine maintenance and repair, with a new home; any problems are covered by the warranty as specified.

When purchasing an existing home, you must consider whether or not the existing wiring is adequate for the growing electrical requirement homes require. An existing home with potentially insufficient wiring and circuits is evident when power strips and extension cords are required, and when tripped breakers are common. An existing home can be retrofitted by a qualified electrician, but it may require the costly process of opening walls.  The decision to choose from new homes in Frisco, TX provides an up-to-code structure, customized with your needs in mind.

When you build a new home, it is your dream and not that of someone else.
Brent Germany Team helps you find new homes in Frisco, TX.

The decision to buy a newly built or preowned home is ultimately best made by each home buyer and their specific needs and finances. There are advantages for buyers in each, but only  new homes in Frisco, TX can offer the benefits of a home warranty, special financing and potential rewards. Contact the Brent Germany Team today for assistance from a real estate agent in locating new homes in Frisco, TX. Our agents offer a commitment to you and your satisfaction.

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