Youth Sports in Frisco

Youth Sports in Frisco

It’s time for the kids.

The Brent Germany Team is often asked by people looking to buy a home in Frisco, TX or investigating Frisco real estate options about sports and recreational opportunities in and around town, not for mom and dad but for the kids.

And if there is one thing Frisco loves — heck, the whole North Texas area — it’s sports . . . the professional teams, leagues and fitness for mom and dad, and youth sports for the kiddos.

As you’d imagine, there’s pretty much every youth sport played in Frisco — from the majors like football, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and hockey to the minors like swimming, wrestling, volleyball and martial arts.

In this post we help parents looking to buy a new house in Frisco or are contemplating real estate in Frisco with a basic understanding of the youth sports scene in town.


The local schools, of course, offer a full range of boys and girls sports. The focus of this post, however, is on what else is out there for the kids to join. Frisco, you see, is home to some of the best youth  sports facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which attracts not only residents but families throughout the Metroplex.

Here’s one other thing to know about youth sports in North Texas:

Athletics are so incredibly competitive for kids in the area that if Bobby or Susie have aspirations to move from the youth ranks into high school athletics and beyond, they pretty much have to play year around in summer leagues, on select teams, and (often) with additional coaching and instruction.

There is plenty of these opportunities in Frisco:


FieldHouseUSA is also known as the Frisco Indoor Sports Center (Frisco website) and is located just off the Dallas North Tollway, making it super convenient for families to access from Frisco and across North Texas. (Two other facilities are located in Grapevine to the west and Mansfield to the south.)

What’s different about FieldHouseUSA — and attractive to people looking to buy a home in Frisco or checking out Frisco’s real estate options — is that it’s a community based facility that specializes in leagues, events, and tournaments.

Year-round league play is available in basketball, soccer, volleyball, flag football, and futsal (an indoor version of soccer with five players a side). Individual participation and instruction is available in:

  • Performance training
  • All-sports camps
  • Baseball/softball
  • Boot camps
  • Cheerleading
  • Club volleyball
  • Skills training
  • Martial arts
  • Tumble

NTA Taekwondo

Recreational and Olympic-style Taekwondo also is offered in the FieldHouseUSA facility with a 10:1 ratio of students to teachers, guaranteeing the kiddos of more personalized instruction,

i9 Sports North Dallas

i9 Sports (main website) is a leading national youth sports organization, offering basketball, soccer, flag football, and T-Ball for kids ages 3 to 17.

Central Frisco facilities include Clark Middle School (basketball), Frisco-Central (flag football, soccer, baseball and multi sport), and Stonebriar Community Church (flag football, soccer, baseball, multi sport). Similar programs are offered in neighboring McKinney.

Performance Indoor Training Camp (Frisco) The PIT+ Frisco is the largest indoor soccer facility in Texas. It offers elite soccer training and instruction by Peter Luccin Academy for indoor and outdoor players.

Frisco YMCA

Leagues and/or Instruction

League play is the foundation of youth sports in Frisco and is attractive to parents looking to buy a new home in Frisco or evaluating Frisco real estate opportunities because they not only get the kids involved they meet neighbors, other parents, and get involved themselves.

Here’s your reminder: Athletics are so incredibly competitive for kids that if they have aspirations to move from the youth ranks into high school athletics and beyond they pretty much have to play year around in summer leagues, on select teams, and (often) with additional coaching and instruction.

A few possibilities:

Frisco Baseball/Softball

Frisco Express — fast pitch girls softball (use link above).

Frisco Football League (instructional league, all kids participate)

NTX Knights Football Academy (grades 2 through 6)

Frisco Soccer Association

Frisco Aquatics (Texas Ford Aquatics), Frisco Amateur Summer Swim Team, Sea Dragons (competitive swimming)

Frisco Youth Volleyball League (Frisco ISD), LoneStar Volleyball Academy (professional training), LoneStar Volleyball Club (technical, tactical, physical training)

The Miracle League of Frisco (baseball organization for special needs children throughout North Texas)

US Youth Soccer (national organization to foster the development of young soccer players)

North Texas Soccer (member of the U.S. Youth Soccer, U.S. Adult Soccer, U.S. Soccer Federation, and Federation Internationale de Football Association organizations)

Texas Premier YouthSports (curriculum-based training for youth sports)


Urban Air Trampoline Park — for something different, Frisco has its own indoor trampoline park

Skyhawks (multi-sport camps and clinics for kids in Frisco)

Frisco Lacrosse Association

As prospective home buyers in Frisco or those curious about real estate options in Frisco quickly find out, the community has more than enough leagues and personalized instruction year around in every sport to keep the kids active, learning, and engaged — and the parents driving to games 50 weekends a year.

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